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  • Customer Service DSV

    Customer Service

    Customer Service at one of the world's largest logistics companies gives you a great opportunity to join our journey to the top. We are constantly expanding and are looking for smart people with a thorough understanding of the market mechanisms in our industry. It's all about our customers and how they can expand in a fast-growing and intense commercial area with no speed limits.
  • Felix Thijssen


    Excellent Engineering and IT is crucial to the logistics industry. You create the systems behind the scenes that make the wheels turn and feed the huge machines we call international logistics. At DSV, we take this very seriously, which is why we do it in-house with all the career growth opportunities that come with it.
  • Sten Dings

    Freight Forwarding

    To work in transport and logistics, you need to know how to keep your head cool, act fast and be strategic. You are the architect behind the transport process and when you join DSV we give you the whole world to work for. Whether you're helping our customers transport their goods from A to B or designing complex supply chain solutions, there's a world of opportunity waiting for you at DSV.
  • Melissa Viellevoije

    Teamleaders & Supervisors

    Our people working in warehousing and distribution are essential to achieve our goals. Without them, we would not be a global transport and logistics company. Working here, you have direct contact with our customers, their goods and the logistics processes at a practical level. In other words, you are the link that keeps the supply chain running.

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