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What trailer types do you offer?

We have a wide variety of trailer types and trailer widths to transport many different types of cargo. Each trailer type is suitable for a specific purpose, for example standard-sized or out-of-gauge cargo.

Do you have GPS tracking on trailers?

Whether we use reefer trailers, mega trailers or curtain trailers we can always keep track of your cargo. We have installed GPS (Global Positioning System) devices on trailers in our fleet. This enables us to keep an overview of your cargo everywhere it goes. It also helps protect your cargo against theft.

Trailer sizes and dimensions for our trailer types

Click on the links below to see illustrations of our different trailers and their sizes and dimensions. The dimensions, sizes, and capacity of the various trailers of our fleet vary depending on manufacture and production year.

What is Ultra-seal?

DSV injects Ultra-seal into all trailer tyres to prevent punctures. This both improves road safety and increases the punctuality of our deliveries as a result.

Because Ultra-seal also helps to maintain the correct tyre pressure, tyre wear is minimised and fuel consumption is reduced, so the environmental impact of the transportation is kept to a minimum.


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